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Abyss Habidecor "Danxia" bath rug (to order)

***Please allow 2-4 weeks to be shipped***

    Danxia refers to a type of dramatic Chinese landscape of red sandstone canyons and cliffs with winding rivers and majestic waterfalls. This new edition rug strives to capture this unique aesthetic.
    • Size: 27"x47"
    • 100% Egyptian cotton Giza long staple
    • Machine washable
    • Made in Viseu, Portugal.

    Egyptian cotton Giza extra long staple is used to produce Abyss Habidecor towels and bath rugs. It is considered the best cotton in the world. Cultivated on the banks of the Nile, the cotton is picked by hand, the fiber is twisted and treated to create a yarn of exceptional quality, creating Abyss Habidecor towels and bath rugs which are soft, durable and absorbent. 

    The piece dying process is used to provide uniform colors. The bias trim, label and Terry have the exact same color , resulting in a more elegant and unique look.
    The yarn is dyed before using it to make a towel or a rug, creating an opportunity to weave patterns in several colors. Pre-shrunk and pre-wash to guarantee they maintain their size.

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