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Peruvian runner/shawl handmade in Pitumarca

Pitumarca is located at 11,712 ft above sea level and 65 miles south of the city of Cusco. Pitumarca itself is a larger town and the capital of its district. It includes many outlying communities that are hidden far up in the mountains where the colder climate permits people to care for large herds of alpaca and llama. Some families may have up to 1,000 animals and depend on them for survival, as alpacas provide meat as well as soft fiber for warm clothing. The district of Pitumarca is also well known for the Machu Pitumarca archaeological site, a ruin from the Wari culture.
Besides the natural and ancient wonders of Pitumarca, the district is most famous for its textiles, which are considered the finest and most complex in the Cusco region. It is with good reason that Pitumarca is known as the Textile Capital of the Andes. The weavers of Pitumarca take great pride in their textile heritage and the hard work they have invested to revive complex pre-Columbian techniques that were almost lost.
  • Size: 73"x20"
  • Fabric: 60% alpaca and 40% merino wool
  • Natural dyes
  • Can be used as a runner or shawl
  • Care: hand wash in cold water

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