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Vinyl Floorcloth Mat Vintage Fait Splendors by Spicher & Company

Williamsburg - Star Ushak - Fair Splendors
Size: 38"x56" 

Inspired by old floor cloths and vintage linoleum, these vibrant vinyl mats offer warm colors with beautiful aging. They are extremely durable and flexible with a non-stick surface. Vintage Vinyl floor cloths are also very easy to clean and lay flat. Great in kitchens, baths, offices and controlled outdoor settings. Rug pads are not required.

100% Vinyl; Latex padded backing.
Thickness: 1/8" (approx.)
Made In: United States.

Spicher and Company Vintage Vinyl floor cloths have a distinctive look and feel. They are not intended to look new and in fact more closely resemble a vintage product or found item. ALL VINTAGE VINYL FLOORCLOTHS ARE INTENTIONALLY DISTRESSED.

Care: Dust mop the floor to ensure all loose dirt and/or grit is removed. Wipe down with a damp cloth. For stubborn jobs try diluted hand soap and rinse throughly after washing.

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