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Luxury begins with the senses. With the feel of the finest fabrics on your skin and the light of the most stunning colors and compositions on your eyes. But true luxury doesn't end there. It extends to the history behind the object. To the intention and skill of the artists that went into making it, of which the end product is a living embodiment.

Missoni Home

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This week's featured textiles by international artisans...


Molas are hand-made textiles from the Guna people of Panamá. Molas are made by sewing together multiple pieces of fabric, typically cotton, often from recycled t-shirts and clothing. Designs are created by cutting out shapes in one or more of these layers and sewing the newly created edges into the underlying layer(s). The stitching for uniting these edges is very fine, requiring very small needles and considerable skill. The end product is a gorgeous, multi-layered and multi-colored, single textile. Learn more...

We feature textiles developed by New Mexican artists and from carefully chosen artisan communities around the world. I love seeing creations from strange lands interwoven with the native traditions of Indian, Hispanic and Anglo New Mexico.

Barbara Lenihan (Pandora's owner)

Over 20 years in Santa Fe, New Mexico

More than 20 years selling the finest bedding and bath, from world-renowned designers to master artisans from across five continents, representing some of the finest textile traditions humankind has to offer.

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DeVargas Center
173 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Mon - Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 12 - 5pm