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Handmade Mola cloth pillows from the Guna people of San Blas Islands, Panama

Custom pillows made with Molas from Panama and 100% cotton fabric from Guatemala on the back.


*Down feather inserts included.



  • Mola-1 (18"x22") 
  • Mola-3-7-9-10-11 (16"x20") 


Molas are hand-made textiles from the Guna people of Panamá. Molas are made by sewing together multiple pieces of fabric, typically cotton, often from recycled t-shirts and clothing. Designs are created by cutting out shapes in one or more of these layers and sewing the newly created edges into the underlying layer(s). The stitching for uniting these edges is very fine, requiring very small needles and considerable skill. The end product is a gorgeous, multi-layered and multi-colored, single textile.


Molas, which are traditional dress of the Guna people, have an important cultural significance, serving as a symbol of their autonomy and identity as a people. This symbolism dates back to the turn of the 20th Century when the Panamanian government tried to force them to abandon their supposedly "backwards" cultural traditions in favor of western ones.

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