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Mäda candle by Iconesse

Inspired by Mäda Primavesi by Gustav Klimt

Feel Impressions blooming all around you. Awaken your senses with dreamy notes of soft, sweet violet, robust leather and heavenly rose. Relish in a bouquet of juicy peach, herbal white tea leaves and dusky sandalwood. Journey onwards into notes of spicy patchouli, creamy vanilla and an exciting gourmand blend.

Fragrances notes (floral, fruity, woody)
Top notes: Violet, Leather, Rose. 
Middle notes: Peach, White Tea, Sandalwood. 
Base note: Patchouli, Vanilla, Gourmand Accord.

Made exclusively of natural waxes, ICONESSE candles are biodegradable, do not cause headaches or allergies, and are safe to use around children, pregnant women and pets.
Designed in New York, developed with the utmost care by Parisian perfumers and set in crafted glass from Europe, ICONESSE scented candles are a sublime, sensual experience. 
Burning time of approx. 48 hours


1912–1913, oil on canvas
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Mäda Primavesi was the daughter of an actress and a banker living in Vienna, Austria. Gustav Klimt painted both the 9-year-old and her mother, Eugenia. Klimt made numerous sketches for this portrait, experimenting with different poses, outfits and backgrounds before showing Mäda in a dress made especially for her, bathed in springlike patterns (primavera is Italian for spring).

How to get the most out of Iconesse Impressions? 

Do not burn the candle for short periods such as half an hour. This isn’t enough for the candle to release its full fragrance and the wax won’t burn evenly, forming a tunnel through the middle of the candle.

Be sure to reposition the wick vertically before the wax solidifies.

Before re-lighting the candle, cut off a quarter of the wick to get the most out of your fragrance and avoid any smoke discharge.


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