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Peruvian 60% alpaca and 40% merino wool runner from Sallac

Santa Cruz de Sallac is located 39 km (24 miles) to the south of Cusco in the mountains above Urcos, a market town where highways meet and products from the Amazon jungle and the Andes highlands mingle in colorful abundance. 

Until the agrarian reform of the 1970s, much of Santa Cruz de Sallac was part of the oppressive hacienda system that forced local Quechua people into serfdom. Rather than being free owners of their time and land, the Spaniards, renowned for their violent abuse of local peoples, owned their property, time, and labor. Since the 1970s, the people of Santa Cruz de Sallac have recovered their lands and reconstructed their lives. For the weavers of this community, it has meant the freedom to weave for themselves as creatively and finely as they choose for they no longer owe what they weave to the owner of the hacienda.  

  • Size: 98.4"x22"
  • Fabric: 60% alpaca anad 40% merino wool 
  • Weaver: Asunta Quispe Espinoza
  • Natural dyes
  • Made with a backstrap loom 
  • Can be used as a runner or shawl
  • Care: hand wash in cold water

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