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Rio Grande Sandalwood soap by Sandia Soap Company

"Citrus never had it so good. This bar dances with the locals under the full moon."

  • 6oz
  • Ingredients:  saponified palm kernel, palm, olive and soybean oil with lemongrass essential oil and cosmetic grade colorant.
  • Made in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Everyone is enchanted by the landscape of New Mexico. Valleys of dancing sage and yuccas watched by spectacular mountains. At dusk speeding roadrunners surrender the land to mischievous coyotes who stand guard bathed in the moonlight. Blunt, tan mesas crowned nightly by royal blue and fire red sunsets.

As equally spectacular are the soaps that are borne of this sanctuary.
Bars cured in this magical arid land are naturally exquisite. Along with my famous silky formula this creates a sudsy, moisturizing soap with a long life.

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