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Tero-Tero bird with felted wool handmade in Uruguay

  • Wood design pieces covered with felted wool
  • The pattern on the felted wool may wary from the what you see on the picture
  • Size: 7.5"x6.5"x2"
  • Uruguay is internationally known for its high quality merino and corriedale wool, and for its humane treatment of sheep.

The Tero-Tero (Southern Lapwing) is the National bird of Uruguay. It is characterized by elegant markings and a bold song. They are admired by Uruguayans for the way they fiercely defend their young. Teros are native to the Campo (interior grasslands) of Uruguay and can also be frequently spotted on soccer fields, which are found in every urban barrio and rural village alike.

Carlos Clavelli is an Uruguayan artist and craftsman. Since 1983 he is exclusively dedicated to the creation, design and production of sculptural objects in wood. His line of design integrates wood with other materials from local Uruguayan production such as wool, leather or felted wool; all used in their natural colors. His inspiration comes from the Campo (rural landscape) of Uruguay, dominated by rolling grasslands and winding rivers.

The pieces are handmade in his family workshop in Montevideo, Uruguay.

* Click here to learn more about Taller Clavelli

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